Here are some of the frequently asked questions and our answers:

Questions for trekkers

The goal is to raise money to benefit the clients of AKIM-Jerusalem, enhance their quality of life and facilitate their inclusion in the wider community.

The registration fee for full participation in the trek is 950 NIS. This amount goes toward the participant’s food, transport and accommodation expenses. We have added the option of single rooms for which there will be an additional charge.

The registration fee for partial participation in the trek is 800 NIS and the minimum fundraising target for each trekker is $1000.

The minimum participation target (for full or partial) per family or group (groups up to 4 people) is $3000.

Each member of a family or group must pay the appropriate registration fee (either full or partial).

We recommend turning to everyone you know.  Use social media. Start by contacting friends, family, and personal connections. They usually respond positively to requests for donations ONCE YOU TELL THEM ABOUT THE SERIOUS EFFORT YOU ARE MAKING AND THE WONDERFUL WORK OF AKIM-JERUSALEM.

We will open a personal fundraising page for each trekker on our website. The page can be linked to the social media platforms of your choice.

There are many ways to fundraise. Upon registration, you’ll receive a detailed explanation and guidance. AKIM-Jerusalem’s fundraising staff are here to help  trekkers every step of the way.

The trek is suitable for all hikers. We recommend strongly that you come prepared for various uphill and downhill climbs. You should be in good shape physically, ready to hike. We guarantee that at the trek’s end, you’ll feel satisfied with your accomplishment! During the trek there may be alternative, less challenging routes.

The trek is a great family-friendly activity and children are certainly welcome to join. Those under the age of 15, however, should be accompanied by an adult.

We will be staying at the Hof Nachsholim Boutique Hotel. All food during the trek will be Kosher.

Yes. There should be minyanim, as well as a Sefer Torah on Thursday, for all who are interested.

For the trek you’ll need a back pack, water container or shluker (we provide the water), sunglasses, sunscreen, sun hat, walking pants and walking shoes and socks. We will provide T shirts during the hike. We recommend that you also bring trekking poles.

Generous discounts for our trekkers are offered on equipment by the Hanoded store in Kanyon Ahim Yisrael in Talpiot-076 540 1863.

Bring warm clothing for the evenings as it may be cool.

AKIM-Jerusalem will provide a bus for the trek participants. The bus will leave Jerusalem on the first day of the trek and will return to Jerusalem upon the trek’s completion.

 Questions for donors

The goal is to raise money to benefit the clients of AKIM-Jerusalem, enhance their quality of life and facilitate their inclusion in the wider community.

On the contact page we provide information on other ways to donate. Don’t hesitate to contact the trekker you are sponsoring for additional information.

If you donate through the website you will receive an immediate electronic receipt recognized for tax purposes only in Israel. For donations in US dollars and GBP please visit the Contact Page for additional information.

We would like to emphasize the importance of specifying the trekker’s name when you donate. By doing so you will enable us to work efficiently and to update the trekker on progress in reaching their target. Please remember to do so!