Terms of use of the site

Welcome to http://trek-he.akim- jerusalem.org.il/, the Internet site of the annual fundraising trek for AKIM-Jerusalem, the organization for rehabilitation of the intellectually impaired, Association No. 580015519 (hereinafter: “the Site” and ”the Association” respectively). The Site is designated for raising donations for the Association and for registration for participation in the trek. The information on this page defines the Terms of Use of the Site. Please read the terms carefully, since they constitute a binding agreement between you and the Association. Use of the Site attests to your consent to these terms. If you do not agree, please exit the Site and refrain from making any use thereof. The terms are worded for males for convenience sake only, but of course are applicable to women as well. Use of the singular also refers to the plural, and vice versa.

Contents of the Site

The Site contains a variety of information, which is provided solely as a service to the user; it may be updated from time to time. The Association is not responsible for the contents, quality and/or any errors which may occur with respect to the contents and any use which may be made thereof. Before relying on any of the information, it is advisable to make an independent examination of the information.

Intellectual Property

All Intellectual Property rights to the Site are reserved, including materials, contents, design, planning, applications, computer codes, graphics, pictures, photos, videos, audio-visual creations, recordings, music, text, movies, wording, ideas, names, logo, symbols, trademarks, technical details and any other information, of any type whatsoever found on the Site and/or related thereto (hereinafter: “the Contents”), owned by the Association and/or to which it holds the rights to use within the framework of the Site even if no use was made directly or indirectly, without the consent of the Association. The names, logos and trademarks on the Site and/or found on the Site which are registered trademarks, are protected under law and international convention, and no use may be made of them directly or indirectly. Without derogating from what is stated above, it is forbidden to make copies, to reproduce, disseminate, represent, claim, broadcast, publish, update, sell, enter amendments and/or make any other use whatsoever in any form or manner, directly or indirectly, to the content of the Site and/or details of information, to the programs, products and/or services etc. originating from the Site; in whole or in part, unless prior written consent is granted by the Association. No illegal use shall be made of any part of the Site or the Contents.


You have the option of donating to the Association for its purposes in a convenient and expeditious manner – payment can be made either by credit card or by phone. You cannot make a donation if you are a minor (less than 18 years old) and/or are not legally qualified to effect such actions. By effecting a donation you hereby declare that you are legally qualified to do so or that you have a guardian’s approval to do so.

When donating by credit card, the donor will receive an immediate response from the credit card company and will be notified whether the donation was accepted or rejected. In the event the transaction is not approved by the credit card company, the donor will receive appropriate notice and in order, to complete the transaction, should contact the Association by phone.

A donor will be entitled to approach the Association to request a change in the billing details and/or to cancel the donation. The relevant laws for termination of a transaction in accordance with the Consumer Protection Law 5741-1981 will prevail, including amendments to the Law. Accordingly, transactions may be cancelled within 30 days from the date of notice of a contribution by phone or by Internet, all subject to the Consumer Protection Law 5741- 1981. The Association will complete the requested changes in accordance with the credit card company’s current policy. In the event the credit card company charges the Association for any fees for the transaction, the donor will be charged with such fees.

It is forbidden to provide forged details. Submission of such details is a criminal act and offenders will be subject to legal, criminal and civil proceedings. Without derogating from what is stated above, it is hereby clarified that the Association will be entitled to block a user from effecting a donation on the Site at its own discretion in the event the user breaches any of the terms of the by-laws and/or provides forged details and/or does not abide by the law and/or effects any act of omission or commission which can cause damage to the Association and/or its representatives and/or the regular use of the Site and/or third party damage, etc.

The Association will not bear any liability for unlawful acts performed by users of the Site or any other user not under its complete control.

Privacy and confidential information

The payment page of the Site is secured at the highest level of SSL PCI Level 1 to ensure maximum confidentiality of all details and data submitted.
The information provided by you on the Site is designated for the purposes of the use of the Site and is protected under the Protection of Privacy Law 5741-1981. The Association undertakes to do its utmost utilizing all the means at its disposal to protect the information and to avoid any possible invasion of privacy of information provided by you; nevertheless, it cannot be responsible for complications beyond its control and therefore cannot bear any responsibility in the event of hits, defects and/or hindrances caused. The Association will not under any circumstances provide personal information given to it to a third party excluding when needed to complete a transaction. Nevertheless the Association may utilize the information in its possession if it receives an injunction to provide your information to a third party in accordance with the law. The Association can utilize the information within the confines of court proceedings and/or other disputes which may occur between you and the Association.

Changes to the Site

The Association may change the structure of the Site from time to time, its appearance, scope and accessibility of services provided and any other aspect – all without the necessity to notify the user in advance. The user shall have no cause of complaint, demand and/or claims toward the Association for any changes as stated or malfunctions resulting therefrom.

Changes to the Terms of Use

The Association is entitled to change the terms of use from time to time without prior notice and without the necessity to receive the consent of the user. The user can review the updated terms of use at any time by clicking on the appropriate link.

Jurisdiction and Authority

The laws of the State of Israel shall be the sole law applicable to the Site. The competent Courts in Jerusalem, Israel shall have sole jurisdiction in all matters related to use of the Site.